How You Can Build a Garage With Loft Yourself (2023)

If you have a garage, adding lofts is a great way to add extra space. You can add windows, a pegboard, and a spiral staircase. Here are some tips for constructing a House Garage With Loft. These tips will help you save money and increase the use of your garage. If you're planning to use the loft for storage, you may want to move some things out of the way of ladders and walls.

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Building a Garage With Loft
Before you build a garage withloft, you need to measure the space. The loft height should be high enough to walk under the floor without stooping. Make sure to consider the use of the space too. A holiday storage loft may require a different layout than a work space. You should also consider the garage ceilings to determine the maximum height of the loft. The height of the loft is also determined by how many studs you have to install on the garage ceiling.

If you want to create a storage loft, you need to make sure the space has an entrance. Usually, people don't bother installing a staircase for this purpose, but you can also mount a ladder against the wall. You can also permanently install the ladder against an open edge of the loft, such as in the aisle space between two parked cars. This type of arrangement is most convenient if you plan on accessing the loft frequently.

A garage with a loft is similar to building a loft on a bedroom. You can add an additional floor to the garage, which will give you a little more storage space. You can build a loft 7-8 feet above ground level. These are also called hip roof garages, because of their sloped roofs. This style is typically taller. Adding a loft to an existing garage can save you money.

Installing the floor joists in the garage floor requires installing joist hangers. They must be secure so they can support the weight of the loft. Next, you need to place the plywood boards over the joists. Be sure to place them evenly and firmly. After you've done that, it's time to install the ceiling joists. You may need to use a ladder or a staircase for access to the loft.

Adding windows
There are few disadvantages to adding windows to a garage with a loft, but there are some considerations you should make before making the decision. Most garages aren't designed to accommodate skylights, but dormers can be added in order to match the existing architecture. While a better ventilation system isn't an essential function of windows, they can help with the aesthetics of the garage.

A well-placed window can help transform a small garage into an office. Larger windows make the space feel more spacious, and dormer windows are great for creating unique design features. Don't forget to plan for privacy if you're planning on renting out the garage. Window treatments can create a welcoming, calming space that will be admired by all who enter it. For extra light, consider installing a skylight.

When designing a window arrangement, take into consideration both the appearance of the garage as well as its function. Just like choosing the perfect kitchen or bathroom, consider the look of the windows to make sure they match the rest of the space, without interfering with its function. While there are some cons to adding windows to a garage, they are often worth it in the long run. Window treatments will increase the resale value and ROI of your home, so consider them carefully.

Adding windows to a garage with stairway will also create a bonus room. While this space won't be used much, it can provide an extra income source or a new home for a family member. If you have a garage with a loft, it may be a good idea to add spiral stairs to the floor. This is an easy project that can be completed in about five minutes.

Adding a pegboard
Adding a pegboard to your garage is a relatively simple and inexpensive project. Pegboards can be used for storing various items in the garage, including work tools and lawn chairs. You can even use pegboards to store your vehicles. There are many different types of pegboards available, including the kind that comes with hooks and shelves. The pegboard itself is inexpensive, but you can customize it to accommodate your specific storage needs.

You can purchase pegboard sheets that are 2'x4' or 4'x4'. For bigger plans, you can order a pegboard sheet that is 2'x4' or 4'x8' and cut it down to size. A pegboard is a great way to store tools and supplies and also provides easy access to items stored in the garage.

You can also add shelves on the ceiling of your garage. These shelves can be pre-cut or custom-built. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can go for a pegboard with shelves precut to your specifications. Adding a pegboard when building a garage with a loft is a great way to organize your tools and store other items.

Adding a pegboard to a garage with a loft can make a large garage look even better. Installing a pegboard is simple and requires only a drill, wall studs, and some pegs. The Wallmaster 48-piece steel set comes with a lifetime warranty. Because it is built from durable galvanized steel, it won't rust and will last for years to come.

Adding a spiral staircase
Adding a spiral staircase to a loft or garage is an inexpensive way to add a second floor and a new place to entertain guests. The design and construction of a spiral staircase is relatively easy. The first step is to design the stairs and determine how steep they will be. According to the International Residential Code, the distance between treads cannot be wider than nine and a half inches. Additionally, the width of a tread cannot be greater than seven and a half inches.

Once the staircase is complete, a wooden newel finishes the top. Then, you can install balusters around the perimeter of the landing. Make sure you notch each baluster so that it fits into place. When installing the balusters, keep in mind that a four-inch sphere cannot pass between them. Once you've finished the installation, you can add a staircase landing in the garage.

Modern-style homes can benefit from a spiral staircase. The material can be galvanized steel, which resists corrosion from the weather. Powder-coated aluminum also looks great and is available in custom colors. Solid wood, on the other hand, provides classic elegance. A forged iron spiral staircase can be found in traditional and Victorian homes. The design can also incorporate decorative balusters. Some balusters are connected to the treads by distinctive iron castings.

While installing a spiral staircase is easier than installing other types of stairs, you should consider that the staircase will take up more space than other types of stairs. However, you may not want to make a spiral staircase the main access to your home, as it can be hazardous to others. It is also not a good option for garages with lofts, since you won't have access to the upper level if the spiral staircase is installed there.

Adding a telescoping ladder
Adding a telescoping ladder is a great way to expand your DIY skills and work in your garage with a loft. These ladders are lightweight, portable, and can help you complete a variety of home projects. While it may seem difficult to find a ladder long enough for your garage, this device will save you time and money while allowing you to reach higher than you ever thought possible.

It's useful in many different ways, including reaching high up and down the stairs. For example, you may need to reach the ceiling to replace a light bulb. A telescoping ladder will help you access those high places without having to climb all the way up or stoop over to a low ceiling. This type of ladder will extend to the height you need, lock in place, and then collapse into a compact unit when you're finished.

If you're looking for a ladder with the highest safety rating, the WolfWise Xtend & Climb 785P+ Pro Series is the perfect choice for your DIY projects. Its range extends to 15.5 feet and folds away to a compact 36.5 inches. This telescoping ladder is backed by an A-rated safety rating, which will ensure you're safe and stable while using it.

There are many types of telescoping ladders on the market. While they're commonly made of wood, there are also some that are made of aluminum, fiberglass, or steel. An innovative design makes it easy to use and fits into narrow attic access holes. It's also easy to install and has an average rating of four or five stars on Amazon. The Werner AA8 Televator Telescoping Ladder has a great reputation and is highly recommended by homeowners and professionals alike.


Can you build a loft in a garage? ›

A garage loft is a great way to make use of empty space that could increase your garage storage capacity. Do You Have the Space? Of course, the first thing you'll need to do is determine whether or not you have enough space for a loft.

Is it cheaper to build your own garage? ›

Is it cheaper to build a garage or buy a kit? Buying a garage kit will cost less than building a custom garage if it means you're doing all the labor. Simple kits generally cost less than $10,000 and can take as little as a day to put together with a little help from friends or family.

How tall is a garage with a loft? ›

A garage with a loft has a room suspended above the ground, and it's usually built at 7 to 8 feet below your ceiling. This extra room will give you additional space that can be used in various ways, including: Storage: You can double your garage storage space with a loft.

What is the best and cheapest way to build a garage? ›

If you're building something like a garage or pole barn, post-frame construction really is the most durable and most cost-effective option.

How much does it cost to build a 24x24 garage DIY? ›

Site-Built 24×24 Garage Cost: Around $25,000

This custom space can be attached to your home or fully detached on your property. This price point can fluctuate depending on the custom work you have us do and the additional upgrades you request. However, $25,000 is a good entry point for a custom, site-built garage.


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