Three Car Garages, Prefab and Detached Car Garages (2023)

Make the Most of Your Investment – Applications for Three Car Garages

If you think triple-wide garages are only useful for protecting your vehicles from theft and the weather, you are wrong.

The professionals build three car metal garages for versatility and durability. You can repurpose the structure for other activities. Check out some of the ways you can use this space:

Agricultural Buildings

If you are a commercial or subsistence farmer, you might see sense in converting your open, durable area into storage for animal feeds, grains, and crops.

Animal Barn

Your three-car garage is the ideal structure for keeping your domestic livestock away at night. These garages will protect your livestock from weather conditions, predators, and thieves.

Storage Space

If you need a place to keep your Christmas decorations and seasonal gear safe until they are needed again, the garage is your safest bet. You can also store unused furniture, appliances, lawn equipment, and tools in your oversized metal garage.

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You can repurpose three-car garages into your workshop to complete projects. Maybe you want to convert the space into a carpentry workshop, art studio, or autobody area. You only need to furnish the building with specific essential tools before starting a hobby or business.


Three-car garages offer ample space, and there’s always a need for that! You can transform your metal garage into a private workout area or mini-gym for your community. That would be a worthy investment indeed.

Three Car Garages Roof Styles

The roof style you choose for your 3 car metal garage is essential to your building’s strength and future alternative use. Mr. Carports advises that the roof styles you choose may influence your building’s structural integrity and functionality.

To help you make an informed decision, Mr. Carports presents you with the three types of roof styles available:

Regular Roofs

The regular roof style is the most affordable option available. This type of roof is designed with horizontal paneling and round edges. This roof style is only suitable for areas with little rain, snow, and wind.

A-Frame Horizontal Roofs

This roof style is also known as the boxed-eave roof style. It is the next most affordable style available. A-Frame roofs are designed with horizontal paneling and strong anchors. Do you live in an area with high winds but little rain and snow? Ask experts at Mr. Carports about this roof style.

Vertical Roofs

Professionals often regard vertical roof styles as the best of the three options available. These types of roofs are designed with vertical paneling to ease off the debris and facilitate drainage. They also include several additional materials or designs like ridge caps and hat channels. This type of roof style is very reliable and expensive. It is recommended to all areas regardless of weather conditions.

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Call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 to ask the helpful team any questions you might have about 3 car metal garages.

Three Car Garage Dimensions

Do you want to add triple-wide garages to your property? Have you given a thought to the sizes and dimensions you need? Before ordering your metal garage, you should understand that getting the right size and dimensions is very important. It never pays for your three-car garage to be too small or low for your use.

Mr. Carports advises that you should get the exact size and width of the vehicles you need to park in it. Typical three car garage dimensions are between 26’ and 30’. However, that also depends on the type of vehicles you want to park in the garage.

If the garage is to house trucks, then the 30’-wide garage with an 8’ height (because trucks are taller) would be ideal for you. However, if you intend to park minivans or mid-sized vehicles, you need the 26’ garage dimension.

Call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464, and the friendly team will help you every step of the way.

Customization Options for Triple Wide Garages

When you choose Mr. Carports for triple wide garages, you can be sure that professionals design your structure to your requests.

Mr. Carports offers flexibility in customization options and design decisions – you can practically decide the end product of your triple wide garage. You have the freedom to dictate the size and dimensions. The experts can help you make suitable choices for roof styles, the frame’s gauge, and the sheet metal gauge. Mr. Carports also offers options such as doors, windows, certifications, and so on.

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Additionally, you can also make aesthetic decisions on 3 car garages. Mr. Carports offers much-needed flexibility in choosing color options. Which one is your favorite from this selection: Barn Red, Earth Brown, Rawhide, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Clay, Royal Blue, Quaker Gray, Pewter Gray, or Black?

3 Car Garage Prices and Financing Options

The first question most people ask is, “how much does a three-car garage cost?”

First, you must understand that while Mr. Carports offers bargain prices for its 3 car metal garages, your customization choices are capable of driving up the final cost of your building. However, Mr. Carports understands your financial situation and is prepared to help you along.

Mr. Carports presents financing options to facilitate your purchase – you may take advantage of a rent-to-own option and a financing program. Call Mr. Carports representatives at (877) 350-5464 to explore your garage financing options.

Triple Wide Garage Kits

This practical option is mainly available for DIYers. If you want to experience the satisfaction that comes with taking charge of your own project, Mr. Carports is here to help you.

Triple wide garage kits from Mr. Carports contain all you need to install your own three-car garage! You can get these impressive kits at affordable rates; just call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 to order one.

It would be best if you understood, though, that you might need some machines to do the heavy lifting. You should also make sure you have a professional installation expert onsite to advise you.

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Building Permits for Triple Wide Metal Garages

There are many steps to take before you can start installing your metal garage. Getting a building permit is one of the steps you might be required to take.

Building permits are the minimum requirements needed to ensure that the building you intend on installing is safe. These permits are necessary to prevent death, injury, and property loss.

To start this process, you should create a building plan explaining its purpose and construction process. You may need professional guidance or assistance to prepare all the necessary documents and scale the hurdles. Nevertheless, fear not, building specialists at Mr. Carports are available to assist you in scaling this hurdle and ensuring a seamless installation.

Get Free Delivery and Installation Service in the USA

Are you anxious about delivery and installation? Is the installation fee pushing the limits of your budget? Well, don’t worry. Mr. Carports offers you an opportunity to save money while enjoying free delivery and installation services in 34 states in the USA.


Call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 to enjoy free delivery and installation of your steel garage.

Upgrade Your Property with Triple Wide Garages

When it comes to metal buildings and garages, Mr. Carports never disappoints. The several customization options, financing alternatives, and bargain prices give Mr. Carports an edge over its competitors. Mr. Carports offers manufacturer-direct pricing on metal buildings and boasts a world-class team of experts. Call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 for the best rate on the country’s most durable and versatile metal structures.

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